Why am I a Photographer?

Hello Foxes!

I’d like to welcome you to the LFP blog.

The topic I’m discussing today wasn’t originally even on my radar. Right before bed a few nights ago, I got a notification on my phone from the photos app. It had created a movie for me of some of the first few months of my sons life. These pictures live on my phone, but I usually don’t make a habit of scrolling that far back. I’ve taken a lot of cell phone photos in 2 years.

The video brought me to tears.

The first several months with a newborn are so hard. It’s impossible to remember all the tiny details. You forget just how small they were, or what their coooing sounded like. You forget how chubby they were. Babies change so very quickly. This is why I’m a photographer. It started with wanting to capture my own son in every moment that I could. In fact, I’ve named my business after my Little Fox.

I have a passion for what I do, because I know just how fleeting these moments are. I look at each and every child that I photograph and see a little bit of my own children in them. I’ve often been told that I’m very patient with children during sessions. It’s because I love children. I love capturing the innocence of their age. We may not be able to remember these moments forever, but with photographs, we have a little moment encapsulated forever, to remind us of all those little things that get lost with time.

From one mom to another,

Thank you for allowing me to come into your lives and capture these fleeting moments.

Holly Richmond

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