HOHOHO Santa Sessions Day 1!

Hey Foxes!

Santa came to town today! He was kind enough to come to the Goad a La Mode Bakery for some pictures today! Pictures with Santa is always fun! Sometimes kids react like this....

Some kids love meeting Santa and are happy to smile!

However, not every kid is happy to meet him, and that's okay. Santa can be scary to young children. Give your child a chance to warm up to him, take your time, I have several tricks I can try to help your child have a good time.

Sometimes you get goofy pictures like this one...

Children can make some hilarious faces!

Take a look at some of the previews from today!

Santa's coming back for one more round with me tomorrow!

Before I close out, I'd like to extend a special thank you to Elizabeth Goad for hosting my Santa minis again this year! If you're in need of a fantastic baker, you can't go wrong with Goad a la mode!

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