I'm Holly!

A 28 year old mother of two and the owner of Little Fox Photography.

Being a mother has been my greatest blessing in life.

The ability to create, grow and nurture a child is such a magical experience and I appreciate and cherish every moment of motherhood.

The truth is, I'm still figuring out this thing called life and learning to embrace the crazy loops and turns it takes me through.

I am on a beautiful journey of self love and self care. I am relearning how to appreciate the small things, that even a year ago I overlooked. There is something so special about feeling small- often times we are clawing our way past one another, just to try to get on top...admittedly, that used to be me, and I'm so thankful that God redirected my vision of success.

I enjoy sunny days, and the sound of moving water. Waterfalls, oceans, rain, all of it. My favorite color is amber gold, but I am also quite fond of royal blue.

When I am not behind the camera, I am spending time with my beautiful family and reading!


  • God's word

  • family

  • snow

  • Christmas time

  • foxes (is this one to obvious? haha)

  • golden sunlight


  • Summer

  • coffee (sorry...haha)

  • being idle

  • nutella (sorry not sorry, ha!)