Jonesboro's Premiere Fine Art Photographer

Little Fox Photography is owned and operated by Holly Richmond.

Holly is a Fine Art Portrait Artist who specializes in Fine Art Maternity , Newborn & Princess Sessions.

Little Fox Photography's studio is located at 1218 Stone Street, Suite 170 in Jonesboro, AR.


Capturing life. Creating art.

 Our lives move at such a fast pace, your babies grow up too fast, and special moments are over far too soon. At Little Fox Photography our hearts are full with the knowledge that we help people, one family at a time, to preserve those irreplaceable moments that we will never get back. From the glow you have in the tranquil last moments of pregnancy, to your newborns tiny little toes, or your little one's surprise at the first taste of sweets on their first birthday, or the joy from your daughter living out her princess dreams - these moments are as important as they are fleeting. And if time can’t stop to allow us to enjoy these moments a little longer, our job here is to do that for you - by creating gorgeous one-of-a-kind photographic artwork that can bring you back to these times, no matter how far in the future you may be.

Don't let these moments slip away...

Each session is meticulously planned and put together for your family, created to be as unique and beautiful as you truly are. Contact us now to begin the process of planning your perfect portrait session.